Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child at Doncaster East Pre-School?

You will need to submit an application form directly to the pre-school for either the three- or four-year-old program, and pay a $30 application fee.  Applications can be submitted in person at the pre-school, by mail to 4 Montgomery St, Doncaster East, 3109 or by email at

When should I apply to enrol my child into kindergarten?
We accept enrolments after a child’s 1st birthday.  Enrolments are processed in order of receipt so to ensure you are offered a position we recommend applying to enrol your child by the time of their 2nd birthday.

How many hours a week will my child attend pre-school?
At Doncaster East Pre-School, our four-year-old children attend 15 hours a week and our three-year-old children attend 6 hours a week in 2021, and this will increase to 9.25 hours in 2022. 

My child turns three in March. Can he/she attend three-year-old kindergarten?
A child must turn three by the 30th of April in the year they are to attend three-year-old kindergarten.  Children cannot attend the centre until they actually turn three, so if your child turns three after the start of first term they will not be able to join the class until their third birthday. Full fees must be paid at the start of first term in order to hold your child’s position in the class.

How do I pay my term fees?
There are four terms in the kindergarten year.  At the end of each term you will be invoiced for the following term.  Payments can be made either by cheque or direct deposit. The pre-school’s banking details can be found on your fees invoice.

Can I be involved in the kindergarten?
Parents are encouraged to be a part of the kindergarten program in a variety of different ways. You can become involved in the Committee of Management, volunteer to help during kindergarten sessions, attend special events or run a special activity for the children.

What is the Committee of Management?
The Committee of Management is made up of parent volunteers who are ultimately responsible for the running of the centre.  There are a variety of roles available on the committee and a lot of support for volunteers.  Doncaster East Pre-School employs both a book keeper and an administration officer to support the committee in running the centre. 

What does my child need to bring to kinder?
Children will need to bring with them a good sized backpack with a change of clothes as well as their water bottle and a healthy snack. Children in four-year-old kindergarten will also bring their lunch.

What should by child bring for their snack/lunch?
We emphasise healthy eating at kinder and recommend at least one piece of fruit for snack. This can be accompanied by some cheese and biscuits, yoghurt, etc. For lunch children can bring a sandwich, rice, a wrap, etc, as well as another piece of fruit or vegetable sticks to enjoy.

Please remember we are a Nut Free Centre so any products containing nuts will be sent back home.  Due to our healthy eating policy items such as chips and chocolates will also be sent back home. For more information: Nutrition and Active Play Policy.

My child has an allergy/medical condition, how do you cater for this?
We require the families of children with allergies or medical conditions to have their doctors fill out a management plan to help ensure that we are fully aware of what to do in case of an emergency.  Parents need to advise staff upon enrolment of any allergies or medical conditions and will need to follow the steps as found in our policies. For more information: Policies.

Can my child bring toys to kinder?
We ask that children’s toys are kept at home so that they do not get lost or broken at kinder.  We have lots of activities and equipment for the children to enjoy while at kinder so please encourage your child to leave their special toys at home to play with later in the day.