Three-year-old kindergarten is an exciting time for children and their families as they begin their early years’ education.  For some children kinder provides first experiences away from the family, and for others, kinder provides a new environment where children can continue to develop their social skills in a setting outside of the family.  Our play based program encourages children to play, laugh, question, explore and investigate activities while having fun with their teachers and friends.

Beginning in 2022 government funding will become available to all three year old kindergarten programs, this will help to reduce the costs of the term fees for families.  Doncaster East Pre-School will have access to 5 hours of funding in 2022 and will be offering 9.5 hours a week for their three year old program.  This will increase to 15 funded hours in 2023.

At Doncaster East Pre-School we are passionate about creating a secure environment where all children feel welcome and appreciated.  For many children beginning our three year old kindergarten program this will be their first experience being cared for outside of the home environment. We strive to develop a sense of trust and confidence in the children, promoting a sense of wellbeing which leads to self-confidence and resilience.  We work together with families to ensure that our program is welcoming, inclusive and interesting for all children.

2022 Fees and Levies
3 year-old program fees: $450/term
Incursions levy: $50/term
Maintenance levy: $100/annual

Fees Policy

*The fees and timetables are set by the Committee of Management and are subject to change.

Enrolment Information for 3-year-old Pre-School
Our Enrolment and Orientation Policy and Fees Policy are available on this website.  Please review these policies along with our other policies prior to application. All other relevant forms can also be downloaded from our website.
To be eligible for 3-year-old kinder a child must turn 3 by the 30th of April in the year of attendance. Children cannot attend kindergarten until they have reached their 3rd birthday under the Children’s Services Regulations.
If your child is not yet three at the beginning of the kindergarten year your child’s teacher will work together with you to organise term fees, orientation sessions and starting dates.

Fee Subsidies
Beginning in 2022 a funded three-year-old kindergarten is being rolled out throughout all of Victoria.  Initially children attending three-year-old kindergarten will receive 5 funded hours of pre-school and, at Doncaster East Pre-School, this will increase to 15 hours by 2023.

Kindergarten fees are payable each term as per our Fees Policy.  Government funding helps to keep the fees associated with attending the kindergarten affordable to families. Fee relief is available to families holding a current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card. Full details are available on request.

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